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Managing your wealth and investments can be difficult to do on your own which is why you must work with a company that knows what they’re doing.
At Capital Yarn, we understand that our clients have unique needs and as such, we have come up with innovative and comprehensive solutions that will allow them to effectively manage their assets and wealth.
From wealth and investment management to simple financial planning, our team at Capital Yarn has what it takes to provide you with the professional services you need to manage your family’s finances.


About us

Capital Yarn is a company that helps high net-worth individuals manage their wealth and investments so that they can make the most out of their finances as well as make sound financial decisions.

Moreover, we strive to make the lives of our clients better by helping them navigate the often complex world of wealth and financial management.

We do this by working closely with our clients, providing them with innovative and comprehensive financial advice and solutions that will help them manage their wealth and investments. 

Whether it’s simple advice on how to utilize their finances or something more complex like managing their investments, our team at Capital Yarn is skilled enough to meet our clients’ needs.

Aside from managing our clients’ finances and investments, we at Capital Yarn also invest in several industries ourselves. As a company, we believe that there’s a need to contribute to the growth of several sectors such as the Transportation, Energy, and Food Security sectors.

These industries play a huge role in our society and as a company, we believe that we must do our part by contributing to the growth of these sectors. By doing so, we are making a positive impact in encouraging their progress.

Our Philosophy

As a company, we believe that proper management of one’s wealth is vital to their continued success. We also understand that managing one’s wealth and finances is no walk in the park when done alone.

This is the reason we provide our clients with professional services to help them manage their wealth and investments effectively so that they can make sound decisions when it comes to their finances. 

We believe that by providing them with our comprehensive financial solutions, we can help our clients manage and keep their wealth and finances in good shape.

Moreover, we also believe that transparency is vital to fostering healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

This is why we offer honest and transparent guidance to our clients so that they can navigate today’s financial landscapes with ease as well as the peace of mind that their assets and finances are in safe and capable hands. 

Additionally, as a company, we also value the importance of giving back which is why aside from helping with our clients’ investments, we invest in several sectors like the Transportation, Energy, and Food Security industries, hoping that our contribution can have a positive impact in their growth and progress.


To ensure custom-built industrial solutions it is fundamental for the company to explore and invest in new and cutting edge technologies that can produce world-class solutions. Our investments are very carefully chosen and we look for opportunities to build and grow sustainable, successful businesses.

We invest in companies and products from these targeted sectors:

  • Solar
  • Food Security Industry
  • Cyber Security
  • Logistics and Transportation Industry

The Ideal Company To Invest Will Have:

  • A business model that is scalable
  • A competitive differentiation that is sustainable
  • Limited customer concentration
  • Majority of revenue from recurring sources
  • History of positive and growing operating cash flow
  • Attractive future organic and acquisition growth opportunities
  • Low capital expenditure requirements
  • Strong return on equity


The world’s solar sector is getting stronger and stronger, and we believe that investing in various aspects of the solar energy supply chain is indeed worthwhile. We invest in companies who produce large-scale solar panels, those that manufacture smaller solar products for residential use, and other entities that look to materialize more innovation and possibilities as to solar power maximization. The solar industry is one of the most promising sectors, and although there are challenges at hand, the cause is for the greater good as it supports sustainability and environmental preservation. Solar-powered electricity offers much lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to coal and oil. It also promotes energy independence, enabling areas with limited access to fossil fuel the chance to generate their own energy by making the most of solar power.

The technology as to solar power advancement has also gone more sophisticated by the day, and more and more advances are done to find solutions to the challenges the solar industry is facing. Overall, as long as it shows promise and looks into making the world a better place, it’s a sector worth a shot.


The food industry is a sector that consists of multiple sub-sectors that contribute billions of dollars in the industry. The food industry has always been a great place to invest in, and more and more studies are now done to overcome the sector’s challenges like the increasing demand for ethical, sustainable, and healthy goods and the challenges that come with online revolution. With the rapid rising of the population, there’s all the more reason to back up the food industry and secure the world’s future as a whole. From production to processing to distribution, every aspect has to be optimized, and investing in the improvement of each step is crucial to making sure that the food economy steadily rises while keeping sustainability in mind.

Moreover, the food industry is dynamic and diverse, which means more security and stability in an investment perspective.


Security, especially cyber-security, is a top-priority investment. A study conducted by McAfee showed that cybercrime costs businesses $600 billion per year. Especially in our ever-growing online economy where hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites are in operation, investing in IT security can go a long way.

In this day wherein customers’ personal information is a hot target amongst online hackers, there’s more reason to take Security seriously. One of the biggest challenges of most companies nowadays is ensuring that no cybersecurity breach transpires. All sorts of problem need fixing in the industry—from DDos attacks, MitM attack, ransomware, data leakage, hacking, phishing schemes, and so on.

Helping the security industry keep up with the online threats can make a difference, and it always makes sense to invest in lucrative industries that are designed to make the world a better, safer place.


The transportation industry is ever-expanding. In fact, the trends are getting more and more advanced such as cloud-based systems adoption, integrated, frictionless travel, visibility & anti-theft GPS, self-driving features, and more. Essentially, transportation digitalization is continually getting developed, and multiple aspects of the system are evolving digitally from administration to contracting to production and operations. It’s now easier than ever to build better air crafts, vehicles, and ships. Companies are also now becoming more environmentally aware as the society becomes more environment-conscious.


Profit-wise, the transport industry has a consistent market, offers innovative opportunities, and follows increasing demand. Additionally, investing in the growth and improvement of the industry significantly impacts the industry and the world at large as optimizing the processes and infrastructure further could boost economic efficiency, productivity, and most of all, sustainability.

What Our Clients Say

“Capital Yarn has been instrumental in the management of our family’s wealth. Because of them, we no longer have to worry about the intricacies of wealth management since these have already been taken care of.”
Laura Valvasori
Real Estate Developer
“Our previous experiences with other family offices simply couldn’t compare with Capital Yarn. They understood our unique needs as a family and were able to carry out a financial solution that suited our needs.”
Darren Hill
Development Company
“Working with Capital Yarn has been nothing but amazing. With their help, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of this often confusing financial world as well as the importance of managing our assets.”
Alan Bate

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